Printed circuit boards

The Company Nanotech Elektronik is a supplier of printed circuit boards (PCB) of any type and complexity level.

We deliver the printed circuit boards of any kind:

  • Single/double- sided PCB
  • Multilayer (up to 28 layers) PCB
  • HDI PCB (with laser microvias)
  • Flexible PCB (polyimide, PET)
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Metal core PCB (aluminum, copper)
  • RF/microwave PCB (Rogers, Arlon etc.)

For manufacturing the printed circuit boards we use the FR4 laminates from the world leading suppliers such as Nanya, Isola, KB, Shengui. We also have in stock another materials such as Polyimide, PET, Rogers, Arlon, PTFE to produce any specific PCB products.

We offer a wide selection of surface finishes: HASL RoHS, HASL SnPb, Immersion gold (ENIG), Gold Fingers, Immersion tin, OSP etc.

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